Expansion of the contestation field

Horizon 2030

Public algorithms don’t escape the all too French passion for its administration.
The 2020s and 2030s establish the extension of public algorithms within central government and local authorities because of fiscal austerity.

This double algorithmisation and automatisation of public action necessarily happened together with different solutions and tactics imagined by citizens and public servants alike to avoid, contest or take advantage of an algorithmic decision.

Whether they are ready-to-use services or good practices for algorithmic repurposing passed on ‘under the table’, this informal arsenal has grown over the years to answer the needs of all citizens.

For a pleasant reading, you can download this design fiction.

— An interadministration report on the state of the art of contestation in 2029

Preface to the administrative anticipation report presented to the Prime Minister on September 24, 2029
A guide book to contest algorithmic decisions
Advices pack ‘Public algo, personal profit!’
The unofficial cartography of desalgorithmised procedures
The #Occupalgo movement

Let’s debate about this future!

This scenario deserves to be discussed, disputed or even enriched.
We propose three participatory activities and tools to collectively debate about this scenario.